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As requested we have added the options of gift vouchers to the site.

A voucher is the perfect gift for any person who is looking to start a career in the Beauty Industry or for any therapist who is looking to expand their treatment menu.

You know, when you purchase a voucher from us, your loved one is in good hands!  We have been successfully helping our students set up their own beauty businesses for over 12 years!

We have range of prices of vouchers available.  To purchase your voucher _ CLICK HERE 

Now for the details …

When purchasing a voucher, please make sure that you have given us the correct email address and postal address, as the voucher will be posted out to you 1st class delivery.

The voucher is left blank for you to add your own information. We also have the option available whereby you can purchase a voucher for a specific course.

Our most popular courses are in our drop down menu, but if the course you wish to purchase is not listed, just drop us a message on the CONTACT US page and we will be happy to accommodate you.

Once the recipient has received the voucher, they can contact us via the CONTACT US page and organised a date for their training.

Thinking of becoming a Massage Therapist?

In a world that is driven by stress, more and more people are looking for away to achieve a calm in their life, even if it is only for a short time.

More and more people are looking for alternative health care, often disillusioned by the ‘pop a pill for everything’ culture.

Of course, we know that health and wellness requires a full approach, including a healthy approach to diet and exercise but our mind an body also needs, and requires a certain amount of TLC.

Benefits of becoming a Massage Therapist

One of the most rewarding outcomes of becoming a massage therapist, is helping people who are in pain, anxious or stressed.  Your treatments can have a profound positive impact on someone’s life.

Becoming a Massage Therapist can allow you to open your own business at a relatively low start up cost.  The products required are much less than with many treatments.  A good massage couch, a bottle of oil and a space to work from, is generally all that is required. 

You can have flexible working hours which can fall in well with a busy family life

Benefits of Massage

People used to think of massage as a luxury or a treat.  But there are so many benefits to have a regular massage with a well trained therapist. It has gained so much popularity over the last few years and has become an essential tool to many people in their self care ritual.

There are the well known benefits such as

Elevate muscular pain and tightness

Reduce Back Pain

Sports Injuries

Soft tissue injury

Musclar pain associated with over exertion from exercise


But there are also some other benefits that are often either not known or over looked.

Boosting your Immunity

There is Medical research that suggests that high levels of stress hormones can greatly impair the functioning of the immune system.  And in the current times that we are living in, our immune system needs to be kept as strong and healthy as possible. Regular massage has been found to boost people’s white blood cell count, which plays an important role in defending the body against disease.

Can help to relieve headaches

Muscle tightness is often a cause of migraines and tension headaches. Massage focusing on releasing the tension in the neck, shoulders and head, can help reduce this pain.

Improves your rest and sleep

We know massage triggers the release of serotonin, is necessary for the production of melatonin. This is the body’s natural sleep inducer and tells us when it’s time to go to bed. During a massage, most people often feel a deep state of relaxation, and rest, which is so good for those who do not feel fully rested after a night’s sleep, or those suffering with sleeping disorders.

Exfoliation of your body

Massage can help rejuvenate the skin as the movements, combined with the oils used by the therapist, can help exfoliate your skin leaving you with a much fresher and brighter skin tone. 

What Training Courses are best to start with?

Obviously as with any treatment, proper education is vital.  Our holistic/massage courses are run by tutors with many years of experience.  The Manuals that accompany your course are very informative and contain all the relevant anatomy and physiology that you require to be able to perform these treatments safely and effectively.

I am often asking how we can run the courses in such a short time. Our class sizes are kept very small to ensure that you have full hands on tutoring. Usually these courses are run on a 1-2-1 or 2-2-1 basis. We also ask that you carry out some case studies in your own time (this means carrying out treatments on your friends and family). This helps you gain so much confidence and our tutors are on hand to help you along the way so that by the time you receive your certification, you know you are fully competent to offer the treatment.

We have a range of courses that allow you to build on your existing skills (if you wished) so that you are able to extend your service menu to suit your business.

Training is very hands on at the Academy and you will leave your course feeling confident and happy with your newly acquired qualifications.

Where do I start?

Swedish Body Massage

This is our most popular course and the one that you should begin with.  It is a 2 day intensive course where you will learn the fundamental massage movements to become a massage therapist.   It is one of the most popular forms of massage to promote relaxation, work on muscular tension and improve blood/lymph circulation

Who can attend this course?  This course is suitable for a complete beginner.  No previous knowledge is required.

For more information along with dates and prices click here Swedish Body Massage Training

Hot Stones Massage

This course covers massage with warm volcanic stones and cool marine stones.  It allows the therapist to provide a beautifully relaxing treatment, working deep into the muscles.

Who can attend this course?  You will require a Swedish Body Massage qualification to attend this course

For more information along with dates and prices click here Hot Stones Massage Training

Warm Bamboo Massage

This course involves using heated bamboo sticks in various different sizes, to knead out knots and relax and soothe muscles.

Who can attend this course?  You will require a Swedish Body Massage qualification to attend this course

For more information along with dates and prices click here Warm Bamboo Training Course

Indian Head Massage

This course works on the upper part of the body, including the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck and scalp.  It is a massage that can be done fully clothed and sat in a chair.  It is a great massage to help reduce stress and fatigue, headaches and migraines and joint flexibility.

Who can attend this course?  This Course is suitable for a complete beginner. No previous knowledge is required.

For more information along with dates and prices click here Indian Head Massage Training

Deep Tissue Massage

This course is designed to enhance the skills of a massage therapist by adding in deeper tissue work.Not only can in help to relieve tension and stress, but it can help smooth out scar tissue and work on the deepest layers of muscle mass in the body

Who can attend this course?  You will require a Swedish Body Massage qualification to attend this course.

For more information along with dates and prices click here Deep Tissue Massage Training

Still not sure, just drop us a message on our CONTACT US form and we will be happy to advise you on the perfect course for you.

How to choose your Training Provider

Some of the most asked questions I have from new students are:

Are your courses recognised?

Can I get insurance?

Will I be able to work for myself?


The beauty industry is one of the largest growing sectors for employment.  There are endless opportunities to work within the beauty industry. You can work on a self employed basis, as in running your own business in a salon environment, renting a room, mobile therapist or home salon. You could also be looking for employment within a salon, spa, etc.


BUT training is a huge mindfield.


Unfortunately the beauty industry in the UK is largely unregulated meaning there are no specific rules about exactly what training or qualifications you may need to have to work in this industry.


This has resulted in an increase in poor quality training providers with courses that do not follow industry guidelines. This leaves many students feeling unconfident or sometimes incompetent, at the treatments they have paid their hard earned money for.


So how do you know how to choose a trainer provider and feel confident that you will be received quality training?




If the course you book is not properly accredited you will not be able to gain insurance. This means you will not be able to offer the treatment, as you will not to able to gain Public Liability Insurance.


Check that the course and training provider are accredited with the companies like ABT (Associated Beauty Therapists), The Guild Of Beauty Therapists, BABTAC etc.


If they are, these are training courses/qualifications which have a standard approved by industry membership and/or insurance associations or industry bodies. The quality of these courses go through thorough checks and are assured through their accrediting body.


Any training provider who advertises as being accredited should always be able to show their accreditation. They should also be listed on the website of the accreditor.


If you are not sure, always ask the question.




Near the top of your list should be the experience of the person teaching you. You are going to learn so much more from someone who has a wealth of experience and knowledge.

You should not be afraid to ask questions regarding your tutor. How long have they been in the industry for? What is their industry experience? How long have they been teaching? Do they have feedback from their previous students?

If you are looking at investing your money in a training school or a specific tutor, you need to make sure that it is the right one for you



Of course, the cost of any training is a huge factor for any student; however do not let this be the only consideration. If something appears to be ‘ too good to be true’, it often is.

Find out exactly what is covered during the course. How much theory and practical time is spent during your training. How many students are going to be on the course with you? Our industry is an extremely practical one and time should be spent, under the supervision of your tutor, for you to gain the practical experience that you need.


Are there case studies involved with the courses? Certainly some of the courses that are offered, in my personal opinion, should never be certified on the day. When a student receives a certificate, it is important to me, as a teacher, that the student feels confident and competent in the treatment that I have taught them. Many of the treatments that we learn need to be practised.


Case studies are an opportunity for my students to carry out work in their own time, on different people and then to be able to discuss with me any issues or problems that they have. It is a huge part of the learning process. It gives both myself and my student, the piece of mind that they are able to provide confidentially and competently, the treatment they have learned, on their prospective clients.




Whether you are learning a new skill, or updating your previously learned skills, you should always leave your course feeling inspired and enthusiastic.


Training is something that should be looked into regularly as this industry is ever changing. New treatments, updated products, new regulations etc.

If you want to keep yourself as up to date and the best therapist you can possibly be, much of this will depend on the training provider that you choose.




All of the tutors who work with myself, at Taylored For You, have been in this industry for many, many years. Although our team is small, the tutors who work with me, I have know for many years, have worked with for many years and know they have the same work ethics as me.

I have been in this industry for over 30 years and have been teaching for over 15 years. My other tutors have also been in the industry for many years, all have been teaching for over 10 years. All of us have taught in college environments.   All have had (and still have) their own successful businesses. We all constantly update our skills by undertaking regular training courses ourselves to keep us as up to date in this industry as possible.

But, most importantly, I have a wonderful team of trainers, who like me, have a passion for this industry, and who love nothing more than sharing our passion and skills to help our students build up their own successful beauty businesses. All are committed to providing you with the care and attention, both during your training course, but after you complete your training in the form of on going support.

If you have any questions, at all, about training, looking to start your own beauty business, not sure where to start, please drop me an email using our ‘contact us’ page. I am always happy to offer any advice I can to help you make the right decision for you.

Back to Business after COVID-19

Many of us have had our doors closed for 4 months.  I know, for me, this is the longest I have never worked!  It has been a crazy time for many of us, just waiting for that date to finally re-open and start back to what we love.

However – I have seen quite a few posts about therapists being hugely disappointed that their clients are not breaking down their door to book back in.  They are shocked that clients are not racing to book treatments and are concerned that they have lost their clientele.

This can be, yet another, stressful situation for many therapists to find themselves in, after already having months of struggling on little or no income.

Lets look at some reasons that could be causing clients to be resistant to booking in their treatments with us and an action plan to try and help overcome them,

People are scared!

I think the biggest reason that we may not be seeing a line of clients around the block, is that, for the last 4 months, people have been frightened to death to leave their house.  It’s like our brains have been rewired to see everyone as a potential germ carrier and with having Social Distancing rules being bombarded at us for so long, the thought of sitting opposite someone on a nail desk or lying on a bed with a therapist leaning over you, could be very off putting to so many.

Action Plan!

You need to clearly show and educate your clients that it is safe to come to you to have their treatments.  Although we know our levels of hygiene, we cannot automatically presume that our clients know, or even understand, some of the standard procedures we have in place.  We need to spell it out to them.

We need to show them our professionalism and explain, to them, the procedures that we have put in place to keep them (and us) safe. 

You could do a post on social media explaining everything you have done for safe return, or you could perhaps do an email to your clients.

Here are some examples:

Following the Government Guidelines

At the time of writing this, we still do not have our specific industry guidelines, although many of us are presuming that, initially, facial treatments will be off the menu.  I HIGHLY encourage you NOT to go against these guidelines when you open.  Not only do you risk a fine, but you are really showing a lack of professionalism.  We need to show that, as an industry, we can be trusted.  We need to show that we are putting the health and safety of our clients above everything else.  Sneaking in the odd brow wax (behind the scenes) is not going to do your business any good if it is breaking the government guidelines.  Remember, gossip spreads very quickly and you do not want to be seen as that sort of therapist.  We have to think of our reputation. 

COVID-19 Forms

Inform your clients that you will be asking everyone to fill in and sign a COVID-19 form to make sure that everyone who attends your premises (or if you are attending theirs on a mobile basis) has no symptoms of COVID-19, has not been in contact with anyone with COVID-19 etc.

Risk Assessments

Explain to your clients about your Risk Assessment that you have carried out to ensure everything is in place and fully compliant with government guidelines.

Show that you have done some enhanced hygiene courses

Reassuring your clients that you have prepared to take extra precautions and taken extra courses to understand how to work safely in these times.  There are some great free courses you can do which have certificates you can display in your salon.

Barbicide Course –Click Here

Gateway Workshop Return to work – Click Here

City and Guilds Return to Work – Click Here

Appointment only

Explain to your client that when they visit you, they will not be left waiting around as you will be scheduling your appointments to limit exposure to others.  Tell your client about your spaced out appointments to allow you to deeply clean your working space between clients to ensure that when they come for their treatment, everything is perfectly hygienic. 

Enhanced PPE

I know many of us were already wearing some of the regulatory PPE, but make sure you tell your client how you are going to be working. 

As in wearing gloves, masks, visors and aprons.  How these will be changed between clients.

Perhaps you have a sneeze screen?  These are not requirements for desks and salons, but if you do have one, show that you do!

Enhanced Cleaning Procedures

Explanations about how you will be cleaning your towels – if you are using them. 

How you santitise your tools. 

Perhaps you are using single use files?

Plastic bed covers that will be sanitised between every client

I know that most of the above is a routine part of our day prior to COVID-19. But we can’t presume clients know that we have all these measures in place.

All of these things will hopefully put any nervous clients, more at ease.

Once people start to see other people having treatments done, they tend to be happier to follow suit.  If you can get your loyal regulars in, it could well open the gates to the rest.

Action Plan

Why not set up a VIP Club for your regulars?

Give your regulars a personal call explaining your new VIP Club and how that would benefit them.  Calling your clients will make them feel special.  Depending on the service you are offering, they could be given a complimentary cuticle oil or lash aftercare pack exclusive to your VIP members on their first appointment back with you.  You could give out a skincare sample to your first facial clients post lockdown.

Perhaps as a VIP member they get a complimentary voucher for their birthday, or birthday discount off one of your treatment packages etc.  VIP members could get priority booking at busy times of the year like Christmas?  Just a few ideas.

Introduce loyalty cards (if you don’t already)

Now is a great time to introduce a loyalty scheme – this could be added as a bonus to your VIP Club, or as a stand alone offer.

Ask for Reviews

Now, more than ever, a review could have a massive impact on your business.

When you have had your first few clients in, ask them to please leave you a review.  It would be so beneficial if they could write you a review telling everyone how safe they felt having a treatment with you and how clean and hygienic the treatment was.

Your clients have got used to going without treatments?

4 months is a long time to learn to go without treatments.  Clients may need a little encouragement to remind them how much they enjoyed having their nails/lashes/waxing/facials done etc.

I have seen a few posts about how people have grown their natural nails after years of wearing acrylics.  This could be the perfect opportunity to resurrect your natural nail manicure services? Perhaps doing a social media post on the benefits of natural nail care and how a spa manicure could be the perfect service for them.

Action Plan

If they have grown their natural nails after wearing extensions, what about a gel overlay or a gel polish service? 

Pedicures can be a great treatment for this time of year.  Lots of clients find their feet harder to deal with than their hands.  Perhaps an offer on a luxury pedicure and gel polish package would be appealing to them.

What if they have got used to going without lash extensions? Introduce them to natural lash treatments such as a lash lift and tint to enhance their natural lashes to look their best.

How about offering a stress relieving body massage or indian head massage!  There is no doubt that nearly every person on the planet could benefit from a stress relieving treatment.

Sometimes you have to sell a treatment!  Explain what it is and how it will benefit your client.  You need to plant the seed and watch it grow.

Clients not being able to afford to have treatments done?

This is a difficult one, and one that we can probably all relate to.  We have been through a very difficult few months.  A lot of people have lost their jobs, managing on lower incomes. 

I think this is a situation that we really can’t have an action plan to deal with.  We only hope that the situation improves for everyone.

Social life all on hold!

With life as it currently is, many of us are not going out.  Weddings etc have been postponed, holidays have been cancelled, social gatherings are few and far between.  These events are often the reason that clients come to us for beauty treatments.  The uptake may be slow but as things slowly start to return to more normality, hopefully our clientele will start to increase.

Final thoughts…

I have been working in this industry since 1989 (yes I know many of you weren’t even born then lol).  Beauty has had many ups and downs but we are so much more to many of our clients that just set of nails, or a set of lashes.  Many of our clients have been with us for years.  We have been through marriages, divorces, deaths etc with our clients.  We offer a huge support network to our clients. We offer a lot of value to a lot of people

Give it time.  We will get back to where we want to be.  We just may need a little patience.

Claire xx

Benefits of learning E-Filing

Electric Nail Files have had a bad rep over the last few years, mainly because they are used in Non Standard Salons where many clients have been on the receiving end of badly handled e-filing. 

However, in the right hands with a properly trained therapist, an E-file can be a great addition to a nail service.

An E-File can be used on Acrylic and Gel Nail Extensions and over Builder Gels.  It can reduce the speeding time spent on a maintenance or removal treatment.  It can be used to remove gel polish on nail extensions or builder gels, reduce the length of the extensions, remove bulk when carrying out and infill and also speed up the soaking off process when removing nail extensions.  This helps to reduce your service time, which increases your profit margin and also is great for the client who may prefer a quicker treatment time.

Experienced Nail Technicians can also use the E-file safely to help prepare the natural nail in the form of a Russian Manicure

There are health benefits for the therapist who uses a E-file too.  RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury) is something that many Nail Technicians struggle with, along with carpal tunnel and arthritis.

Click here for the full course information and dates – E-Filing Training

Who can attend this course?  This course is suitable for therapists who are qualified in acrylic or gel nail extensions.  If you do not hold these qualifications, they are available here

Acrylic Nail Extension Training

Gel Nail Extension Training

Full Nail Technician Training

Still not sure, just drop us a message on our CONTACT US form and we will be happy to advise you on the perfect course for you.

Which Brow Course is the best?

Lets talk about Brows!

Eyebrows frame the eyes!  Brows are another hugely popular service that a therapist can offer.  It is way more than just a quick tweeze of the brows!

As always, at Taylored For You, we try to keep up with all the brow trends and offer as much variety of courses as we possibly can. 

But this can also cause confusion when you are trying to decide which Brow Course is for you.

Below I have listed the Brow Courses that we offer, what they are, who can do them and the results that you can achieve.

Hopefully this will be helpful when you are looking to see what suits you and your business best.

Taylored Brows

Hands down our most popular course.  I designed this course 10 years ago to try to combine the most popular methods to give your clients the perfect brow and it has been a staple treatment for so many of the students I have trained over the years.

Taylored Brows combines

Tinting of the Brows

Waxing of the Brows

Threading of the Brows



Brow Make Up

It can transform the sparsest brow into a perfectly styled brow.

This course is the great for beginners as it teaches you everything you need to know to perform a great brow service. 

It is also a the course that most therapists do prior to moving on to some of our other more specialised brow courses.

You will learn how to measure and shape a brow, along with being able to choose the correct colour tint for your client.  You will be able to wax the brows confidentially and also thread, so you have both options available to you, which you can combine, or offer as separate treatments.

Who can attend this course?  The course is suitable for a complete beginner and no previous brow knowledge is required.

For more information regarding this course, including prices and dates click here … Taylored Brows Training

Henna Brows


Henna Brows have been a real buzzword in our industry for a few years.  Henna can give a much deeper, pigmented colour than a tint and also offer a skin stain, like a tattoo effect, for a few days.  The Henna lasts on the hair for around 6 weeks and covers more colour resistant hairs much better.  There is also a wide range of colours that Henna comes in so you are able to mix many different colours together to give your client the perfect shade for them.

Although the Henna Kits appear to be a little pricer, a little goes a really long way.  It is actually a very lucrative service to offer.

Who can attend this course?  The course is suitable for therapists who are qualified in brow waxing AND/OR threading and brow tinting. If you do not hold these qualifications, our Taylored Brows Course is the great for this.

For more information regarding this course, including prices and dates click here. Henna Brows Training

Brow Lamination

The latest ‘trend’ in brows. 

Laminated brows are great for helping the appearance of brows which have previously been over plucked.  The products, similar to those used for lash lift, are applied to the brow hairs to lift and then set the brow hairs a shape.  This will help to achieve a fuller, appearance to the brows. Brows are tinted as part of the treatment, which helps to give them a thicker, denser look.  They can be easily styled by the client at home and with regular use of good brow conditioners such as Castor Oil, the clients can re grow their brows.

Who can attend this course?  The course is suitable for therapists who are qualified in brow waxing AND/OR threading and brow tinting. If you do not hold these qualifications, our Taylored Brows Course is the great for this.

For more information regarding this course, including prices and dates click here. Brow Lamination Training

So if you want to become a Brow Technician, or want to add a brow service to your treatment menu, we have plenty of options for you.

Still not sure, just drop us a message on our CONTACT US form and we will be happy to advise you on the perfect course for you.

Which Lash Course is best for me?

Lash services are growing exponentially and it is one of the most lucrative treatments that many therapists offer. There are so many different lash courses, it can be very confusing to know which course is most suitable for you, which one you need to start with, and what course is going to best suit your needs and your clients needs.

Below is a quick summary of all the lash training that we offer and a break down of what they are. When you have a good understanding of the different treatments, you can make the right decision to help build your business.

Classic Lash Extensions

This course is the entry point for most lash technicians.  Semi Permanent Classic Lash Extensions are performed by applying one false lash to one natural lash to extend the lash length and to give a thicker and denser look to the eyes.  Infills are required every 2-3 weeks.  It is one of our most popular training courses and is the course that needs to be completed before moving on to Russian Volume Lashes.

Who can attend this Course?  This Course is suitable for a complete beginner and no previous lash knowledge is required.

For more information regarding this course including prices and dates, click here Classic Lash Training

Russian Volume Lash Extensions

Russian Volume Lash Extensions will enable you to give your client more of a ‘strip lash’ look.  You can create much more density and drama with a Russian Volume Technique.  It is also a perfect technique to give sparse lashes a fuller appearance.  Between 2-6 lash extensions are picked up and the therapist creates a fan.  Each fan is then applied to one natural lash.  This is a much more advanced technique and it is generally advised to be very confident and competent in Classic Lash Extensions before moving on to this course.

Who can attend this course?  You must be qualified and competent in Semi Permanent Lash Extensions

For more information regarding this course including prices and dates, click here Russian Volume Lash Training

Hybrid Lashes

This method is a combination of Classic and Russian volume techniques to achieve a beautifully structured set of lashes.  A framework is created using classic lash extensions to work within and then Russian volume fans are applied between these individual lashes to boost volume.  If you are qualified in both Classic and Russian Techniques, you do not need carry out a course to be able to offer this method.

Fast Lash

This is an express lash service that can create a stunning set of lashes in around 30 minutes.  You can create various different looks, depending on what your client wants and the lashes last for up to 2 weeks, after which time, they are fully removed and a full set reapplied.  This is a great treatment for clients who struggle with the make up restrictions that can be associated with lash extension wear or for clients who are not able to lie flat for an extended period, in order to have a full set of lashes applied.

Who can attend this course?  This course is suitable for a beginner with no previous lash knowledge

For more information regarding this course including prices and dates, click here. Fast Lash Application Training

Lash Lift & Tinting

For your natural lashed clients, this treated offers a way of lifting and opening the eye area by straightening the natural lashes near to their root, to give the appearance of longer natural length. The tint is also combined with this treatment which darkens the natural lashes.  This creates an appearance of denser and thicker lashes.  It gives the eyes a beautiful frame and the results last for around 6-8 weeks.   There is also no commitment of having to deal with maintenance, which is required with semi permanent lashes.  It is also a great service those unsuitable for lash extensions (allergies, lifestyle etc.)

Who can attend this Course?  This course is suitable for a complete beginner with no previous experience.

For more information regarding this course including prices and dates, click here Lash Lift and Tint Training Course

Party Lashes

Temporary lash flares that are applied using a temporary lash glue.  They last from 2-7 days and are easy to remove. They are usually small fans of lashes that are attached to a bulb and are applied on top of the natural.  They are a perfect addition to a make up service.  This application is included in our Make Up Application Course.

Click here for information regarding our Make Up Course – Make Up Application

So if you want to become a Lash Technician, or want to add a lash service to your treatment menu, we have plenty of options for you.

Still not sure, just drop us a message on our CONTACT US form and we will be happy to advise you on the perfect course for you.

Fancy a career in the Nail Industry?

Do you fancy becoming your own boss?

In a fairly short space of time, you could qualify as a nail technician and start offering treatments to customers. A career in nails is very lucrative and with nails being a ‘must have’ accessory these days, you could be soon be your own boss and have a great business. Its also such a sociable job. We get to meet lots of lovely clients and make new friends.

Where would I start?

Our nail courses are suitable for a complete beginner and most age groups. The training is very practically based and very intensive.

Depending on your budget, we have flexible options to help you get started. Our courses can either be purchased separately so that you can start at your own pace, or we also have our Nail Technician Diploma which covers all the main nail services that you would need to set yourself up as a Nail Technician. This course covers natural nails care in the form of manicure and pedicure, gel polish application, acrylic nail extensions and gel nail extensions.

Training is affordable, the courses start from £150 (plus VAT) and we also have finance options available so you can spread the costs if you prefer.

How much could I earn?

Depending you where you live, the hours you offer and your experience, you can be looking at around £30 per hour. The benefit of working on a self employed basis is you can dictate your own hours, choosing to work weekends or evenings if that suits your lifestyle. It is also perfect to be able to run alongside your current job, until you feel you are ready to go it alone!

Start up costs are low in comparison to many business start ups. We have a very comprehensive kit included with our Nail Technician Diploma which has enough product for over 300 sets of nails – equating to around £9000 potential earnings.

Will I be fully qualified?

This is a term I never use. Any good therapist will tell you that we are never fully qualified. You can always learn more and always expand your skills, especially when you are working in such a fast paced industry as the Nail Industry.

But don’t worry, we have you covered when you want to branch out further. We run courses in Electric Filing, Advanced Acrylic Design Workshops and other add on nail extension services.

Can I get insurance?

Absolutely. Our courses are all insurable and recognised by the major beauty insurers.

I’m nervous about starting a business?

Most of us are to begin with. But you are in good hands. I am always on hand to help you out with anything I can to help you set up your business. I have run my own nail and beauty businesses for over 20 years, so I am happy to help you with any questions you may have and guide you in any way I can. This is all part of your training and I love sharing my knowledge with you!

Would you like more information?

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Are you a Planner?

The last few months certainly have been a very new experience for most of us.  Being at home, and not being in work has been something that I am absolutely not used to.  I have pretty much worked since I was 15 (apart from maternity leave) and I honestly cannot remember being in a situation where I have no work go to daily.  The last 10 years I have worked crazy long days, running my business and I don’t think I realised just how burned out I was until all this lockdown happened.

After embracing my new ‘stay at home’ life, I started questioning how I actually fitted work in! 

Now with the return to work ahead of us, I really want to try to come up with an organisation plan so that I do not immediately return to the chaos and stress that I was living in.

A few years ago a read a book called Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy and it was lessons in how to stop procrastinating about things and time management. The main take away from the book was to write down the most important tasks you need to do every day and get the one that you least want to do, done first and out of the way. Hence why I often refer to things I am dreading as ‘eating a frog’ – not an ideal reference coming from a vegan lol! Here is the link to the book, in case your are interested.

Today I sat down and wrote myself a list of things that I want to try and do to make my life easier and I thought I would share it with you all, in case any of you feel the same as me, or you may be able to take some of these ideas and make them work for you.

This list is a combination of work and personal things that I plan to try to implement.  If any of you have any other ideas, I would love to hear from you.

Learning to be a planner

There are lots of lovely planners to purchase – I have bought a few over the years, but they often don’t have enough room for the lists that I need so I have found that a lever arch file and paper works the best for me.  It could be that you prefer to write your lists on your phone, or your computer etc.  It doesn’t matter what you do, just find a system that works well for you.

What sort of lists do I need?

This is going to vary depending on your work, household, etc.  The lists below are what I think will work best for me and hopefully will give you some ideas for you.

So in a determined attempt to make my life more organised, less stressful, and to aid my brain overload, here are the lists and ideas I have put together.

My plan is to sit down every Sunday evening and write my plan for the week.

There is something very satisfying when you get to cross things off a list!

My Main ’TO DO’  List

This list is going to comprise of everything I need to try to accomplish.  This list will include both personal and work, as for me, these all merge together

My WEEKLY list

I’ll take off certain items from my main list, plus things that I need to do that week which could be appointments with doctors, meetings, work related things etc.

My DAILY list

I can then break down what I need to do each day on this list from my weekly list and update it with anything else that needs to be done that day. If there are certain things that have not been done that day, the can be moved to the following day.

Meal Planning/Meal Preparation List

Meal planning was something that I got into before lockdown.  I found  that if I decided on some meals for the week ahead, meals that are easy to eat during my work day and also meals that are ready for when I get home, this makes eating healthier food much easier and I am less likely to make bad choices.  I bought a load of containers from Amazon (like these) and I can make meals that I can take to work every day for me and Liv (my daughter).  I know that we are both eating well and its a lot cheaper than getting take away food or sandwiches every day. We all know how difficult it is to keep any eating on track in this business, and we could well be snowed under on our return to work. You need to take care of your health and nutrition is so important in keeping a healthy immune system.

I also started planning on what meals I would want to have ready for when we got home every night – meals that are easy to re-heat and healthy. So most Sunday afternoons were spent cooking up batches of meals – soups, stews, curries, pasta, salads etc, ready for the week ahead.

Work Stock List

Keeping a stock list makes work life so much easier.  It will actually, in the long term, save you money as you will not be doubling up on things you don’t need.  If you have a salon or other staff working with you, a stock list is essential to keep an eye on what is being used. Ask your staff to regularly update you on items that are running low so that you never need to panic when a treatment is booked in and you realise you’ve run out of waxing spatulas!!  It will also help you to be able to work out how much profit you are making from treatments that you are doing and allow you to budget better for new products or treatments that you may wish to add to your treatment menu.

Grocery List

If you get into meal planning, writing a grocery list every week is then super simple.  You know exactly what you need for your week’s food, alongside other household regular items.  My grocery list will often have items from my Work Stock List too that I may need to purchase for the Academy.  I tend to throw things in like cotton wool, toilet rolls, toilet bleach for work.  Remember to keep a note of anything that you have bought for your business, as this needs to be added to your accounts.

Budget List

Do you know how much money is going in and out of your accounts every month?

Keeping a budget of all your bills, knowing exactly how much your expenses are, is vital.  Not only for your home but also for your business.  Have it all written down in a list format so you can easily access it.  Make sure you know the dates that your credit card bills are due so that you ensure you have either paid off the total or the minimum payment to try to reduce any excessive charges.  Write down everything that you spend.  Even things like hair appointments, school uniforms, online subscriptions etc.  Once you know where you are with your expenses, it can help you greatly to keep a track on things and stop you over spending on things that you cannot afford. 

Goals List

Having some goals to work towards can be a great motivation.  It may be a holiday, a new car, that new Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Bronzer (yes that’s definitely a purchase I want to make lol).  Focusing on something you want can really help to keep your finances in check, especially when you are working towards a goal.

So that is my immediate task, to get all these in place.

I hope that helps some of you! xoxo

How to tan like a Pro

The sun is trying to shine here in the UK ready for our
Easter Bank Holiday weekend and many of us are home and perhaps have time to
enjoy a few of the sun’s rays! 

But who is ready to exposure their white, winter body?

Fear not!  There are
some great products on the market to help you achieve the perfect tan.

I always think that NOTHING gives you the results of a Spray Tan.  It is flawless, natural and one of the easiest ways to psychologically tone up your body!  Who doesn’t feel slimmer and more toned after a tan?

If you are a trained therapist, and have your spray tanning
machine easily accessible, achieving the perfect tan is simple.  But, some of us don’t have access to the
professional products, perhaps are not qualified in spray tanning, or just want
to be able to do our own tans at home (which is the majority of us during this
COVID-19 lockdown).

Here are my recommendations for how to achieve the perfect
tan and the products that I love to use.

Skin Preparation

A step I often skip and instantly regret.  Skin preparation is vital to a good tan

Hair Removal

Make sure you have removed any unwanted hair a good 24/48 hours prior to using any form of self tanner.  If you shave on the day of your tan, it is likely to stick in pores or the emollient strip, that is on many razors these days, will leave a film on your body preventing your tan from taking.

Exfoliate your skin

Easy options are

Body brushing with a natural body brush – I use one similar to this

Exfoliating mitts in the shower. 

If you are going to use an exfoliating scrub, make sure it
does not contain oils that could prevent the tan taking to your skin.

For fair skinned or nervous tanners

Instead of going in fully with a tanning mousse, why not try a gradual tan.  Gradual tans are moisturisers that have a small percentage of the tanning ingredient (DHA).  You can apply it over a few days and build the tan to the level that you are happy with.

I do like using products that, not only, give me a great tan, but also have good ingredients.  If you have not already tried the Radiant Glo Gradual Tan, I can highly recommend it.  It has beautiful natural ingredients and I even use it on my face to give me a healthy glow.  Avoid your brows and hairline if you are using any facial tanner.

It can be applied with your hands (make sure you wash them
afterwards) onto clean, dry skin.  Colour
is buildable very natural. 

For seasoned tanners

A tanning mousse, spray or cream is the perfect solution.

I personally prefer the mousse option as I have made a
serious mess of my bathroom using sprays! 

Mousses are applied using a mitt.  Again to clean, dry and exfoliated skin.  Pump one to two pumps of the mousse onto the mitt (depending on the size of the area you are tanning) and apply in long stroking movements.  Always make sure it is rubbed in well and ensure all areas are covered.  Applying a moisturiser to ‘danger areas’ such as elbows, wrists, knees and heels will help prevent the tanning grabbing and looking unsightly.

Again I lean towards a brand of tan that has good ingredients and yes course I choose Radiant Glo.  The Medium mousse is my favourite and is definitely easier to apply.  The Dark Mousse is less forgiving (as with all dark mousses) as any application errors are more noticeable.

Medium or Dark Tans?

Remember a tan is going to react to your skin.  You need to think about the base colour of
your skin, as when the tan fades, if you have chosen the right colour for your
skin, the fade will be natural.  If you
chose a tan that is too dark for your skin, this usually results with the
cracked, crocodile skin look as the colour of the tan compared to the base
colour of your skin, is very noticeable. 

How to get the best

If I am using a mousse, I will generally top my tan up after
a few days with the Gradual Tan.  This
keeps the tan looking fresh, but also moisturises my skin. 

If I want to use a moisturiser, my favourite go to is  Shea Moisture

Again it has beautiful ingredients and really hydrates the
skin.  Remember body oils will break down
the tan. 

What about becoming a Pro Tanner?

If you would like to become a professional, consider booking a spray tanning course.

Tanning is a thriving business in the UK and it is a very
lucrative service to offer.

Obviously we are not taking bookings for training currently due to COVID-19 but it is certainly something to consider to boost your income once we are over this lockdown.

More details can be found here