Fancy a career in the Nail Industry?

Do you fancy becoming your own boss?

In a fairly short space of time, you could qualify as a nail technician and start offering treatments to customers. A career in nails is very lucrative and with nails being a ‘must have’ accessory these days, you could be soon be your own boss and have a great business. Its also such a sociable job. We get to meet lots of lovely clients and make new friends.

Where would I start?

Our nail courses are suitable for a complete beginner and most age groups. The training is very practically based and very intensive.

Depending on your budget, we have flexible options to help you get started. Our courses can either be purchased separately so that you can start at your own pace, or we also have our Nail Technician Diploma which covers all the main nail services that you would need to set yourself up as a Nail Technician. This course covers natural nails care in the form of manicure and pedicure, gel polish application, acrylic nail extensions and gel nail extensions.

Training is affordable, the courses start from £150 (plus VAT) and we also have finance options available so you can spread the costs if you prefer.

How much could I earn?

Depending you where you live, the hours you offer and your experience, you can be looking at around £30 per hour. The benefit of working on a self employed basis is you can dictate your own hours, choosing to work weekends or evenings if that suits your lifestyle. It is also perfect to be able to run alongside your current job, until you feel you are ready to go it alone!

Start up costs are low in comparison to many business start ups. We have a very comprehensive kit included with our Nail Technician Diploma which has enough product for over 300 sets of nails – equating to around £9000 potential earnings.

Will I be fully qualified?

This is a term I never use. Any good therapist will tell you that we are never fully qualified. You can always learn more and always expand your skills, especially when you are working in such a fast paced industry as the Nail Industry.

But don’t worry, we have you covered when you want to branch out further. We run courses in Electric Filing, Advanced Acrylic Design Workshops and other add on nail extension services.

Can I get insurance?

Absolutely. Our courses are all insurable and recognised by the major beauty insurers.

I’m nervous about starting a business?

Most of us are to begin with. But you are in good hands. I am always on hand to help you out with anything I can to help you set up your business. I have run my own nail and beauty businesses for over 20 years, so I am happy to help you with any questions you may have and guide you in any way I can. This is all part of your training and I love sharing my knowledge with you!

Would you like more information?

Check out our Nail Courses and if you need any more help, just drop us message on the Contact Us page or through Facebook and Instagram