How to care for your natural lashes at home.

Brow Courses

Many of you know that I absolutely love lash extensions!  Its one of my most popular courses and the one I absolutely love teaching.

But those of you who know me, know that I can no longer wear them as I have severe allergies to the lash glue.  I have been teaching lashes for well over 12 years now and have worn them for much of that time and years and years of breathing in the glue (remember back in the beginning we did not think that much of health and safety), the repeated exposure caused me to have to stop wearing them, and also to stop performing the service. 

However, my love for them is still there and I think they are one of the most wonderful beauty treatments for any woman!  Young or old, they define the eyes and make us all feel like fabulous!

But during this lockdown period, many of you are facing the same situation that I was 3 years ago, in that, you cannot get your lashes done! 

So I have put together a few little ideas that may help you get your lashes in tip top condition so that as soon as we are given the green light, you can race back to your lash technician with beautiful and strong natural lashes, ready for the magic to happen again!  If lash extensions are not your thing, you may even feel the urge to try a lash lifting procedure instead! 

Please remember that there is no such thing as a ‘quick fix’ with this.  Our natural lashes grow in a cycle and most of the treatments will take around 8 weeks before you see a definite result.  Also it is always advised that you patch test any new product prior to use.

Lash Growth Serums

There are so many on the market.  The one that I used and highly recommend (no affiliate links here, just my recommendations) is Revitalash.  This really helped my lashes grow, not only back, but much fuller, thicker and longer.  It is a little on the pricey side, but it works and a little goes a really long way. 

You pop the serum across your lash line every night before going to bed.  I would definitely recommend purchasing this from a Revitalash Stockist so you know it is the genuine article.  I bought mine from here

Castor Oil

A cheaper and more natural version of a growth serum.  I have read countless reviews from people who agree this stuff really works.  Castor Oil contains Ricinoleic acid which contains high levels of triclycerides which can help to nourish the lashes.  It also contains omega 6 fatty acids, which may help to improve the health of your hair – so slap this stuff on your brows and also give yourself a lovely hair mask too! 

Apply this using a cotton bud and run it across the top of your lashes (and brows) before bed.

The Castor Oil I purchased was the cold pressed castor oil from here

Vitamin E Oil or Coconut Oil

Both oils are safe to use around the eye area.  I actually love using Coconut oil to remove my eye make up, so this is another great multi tasker!

Here are two links to both, but I get my coconut oil usually from the supermarket.

Purchase here

Biotin Supplements

There are health claims that Biotin supplements can help your skin, hair and nails.  Does it work?  I am not sure, but I do take them in my vitamin regime .  As with any supplement, there are side effect so always read up on anything before purchasing it.  The supplement I take is from here

I hope that helps everyone.

Take care xx