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Our team of Educators is headed by Claire Taylor who founded Taylored For You over 10 years ago. With a passion to provide quality training to students and raise the standards of the Beauty Industry, Taylored For You is expanding across the UK with educators who share the passion for the industry.

Our experienced trainers are experience in our treatments, and our educators are not only experienced ther- apists, but also have years of teaching experience.

They will be able to offer you excellent treatment methods, as well as the ability to draw from their many years of experience to help guide you on how to build clientele and promote your treatments.

Student Testimonials

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Gift Vouchers! Now Available!

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Thinking of becoming a Massage Therapist?

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How to choose your Training Provider

How to choose your Training Provider

Some of the most asked questions I have from new students are: Are your courses recognised? Can I get insurance? Will I be able to…

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