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This course is open to qualified massage
therapists who are looking to extend their skills.

The warm bamboo sticks come in different sizes for different
techniques and are heated.  This can aid
relaxation and offer pain relief.

Bamboo Massage involves using bamboo sticks of various sizes to knead out knots and relax and soothe muscles.

It is a great therapist’s tool as it reduces the fatigue and
stress to the therapist’s hands, wrists and body.   It is an easy treatment to set up and a very popular treatment with clients.

We use the Vulsini Heated Bamboo Kit – Vulsini kindly offer our students a 5% discount off their kits when purchased through their website https://vulsini.com/ quote (TAYFOR5) at their checkout.

Course Fee £180

Course Details

Duration: 1 day

Entry requirements:  Body Massage Qualification

Model required for training 

You will receive:

  • Step by Step Manual
  • Fully Insurable ABT Accredited Certificate

On-Going Support is part of your training with us. Once you have completed a training course, you will be invited to join our Taylored For You Academy Student Support Group on Facebook. This group is a lovely community of our students who share tips and are able to ask for any advice from our tutors. We aim to keep you up to date with industry regulations, any new courses and business set up advice.

Qualification Received
Warm Bamboo Massage Diploma which is accredited through Associated Beauty Therapists.

Course Information

On this course you will learn:

History of Bamboo Massage.

Benefits and Effects of Treatment.


Client Consultation.

Health and Safety

Equipment and Treatment Preparation.

Warm Bamboo Massage Treatment.

After Care Advice.


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