Which Lash Course is best for me?

Lash services are growing exponentially and it is one of the most lucrative treatments that many therapists offer. There are so many different lash courses, it can be very confusing to know which course is most suitable for you, which one you need to start with, and what course is going to best suit your needs and your clients needs.

Below is a quick summary of all the lash training that we offer and a break down of what they are. When you have a good understanding of the different treatments, you can make the right decision to help build your business.

Classic Lash Extensions

This course is the entry point for most lash technicians.  Semi Permanent Classic Lash Extensions are performed by applying one false lash to one natural lash to extend the lash length and to give a thicker and denser look to the eyes.  Infills are required every 2-3 weeks.  It is one of our most popular training courses and is the course that needs to be completed before moving on to Russian Volume Lashes.

Who can attend this Course?  This Course is suitable for a complete beginner and no previous lash knowledge is required.

For more information regarding this course including prices and dates, click here Classic Lash Training

Russian Volume Lash Extensions

Russian Volume Lash Extensions will enable you to give your client more of a ‘strip lash’ look.  You can create much more density and drama with a Russian Volume Technique.  It is also a perfect technique to give sparse lashes a fuller appearance.  Between 2-6 lash extensions are picked up and the therapist creates a fan.  Each fan is then applied to one natural lash.  This is a much more advanced technique and it is generally advised to be very confident and competent in Classic Lash Extensions before moving on to this course.

Who can attend this course?  You must be qualified and competent in Semi Permanent Lash Extensions

For more information regarding this course including prices and dates, click here Russian Volume Lash Training

Hybrid Lashes

This method is a combination of Classic and Russian volume techniques to achieve a beautifully structured set of lashes.  A framework is created using classic lash extensions to work within and then Russian volume fans are applied between these individual lashes to boost volume.  If you are qualified in both Classic and Russian Techniques, you do not need carry out a course to be able to offer this method.

Fast Lash

This is an express lash service that can create a stunning set of lashes in around 30 minutes.  You can create various different looks, depending on what your client wants and the lashes last for up to 2 weeks, after which time, they are fully removed and a full set reapplied.  This is a great treatment for clients who struggle with the make up restrictions that can be associated with lash extension wear or for clients who are not able to lie flat for an extended period, in order to have a full set of lashes applied.

Who can attend this course?  This course is suitable for a beginner with no previous lash knowledge

For more information regarding this course including prices and dates, click here. Fast Lash Application Training

Lash Lift & Tinting

For your natural lashed clients, this treated offers a way of lifting and opening the eye area by straightening the natural lashes near to their root, to give the appearance of longer natural length. The tint is also combined with this treatment which darkens the natural lashes.  This creates an appearance of denser and thicker lashes.  It gives the eyes a beautiful frame and the results last for around 6-8 weeks.   There is also no commitment of having to deal with maintenance, which is required with semi permanent lashes.  It is also a great service those unsuitable for lash extensions (allergies, lifestyle etc.)

Who can attend this Course?  This course is suitable for a complete beginner with no previous experience.

For more information regarding this course including prices and dates, click here Lash Lift and Tint Training Course

Party Lashes

Temporary lash flares that are applied using a temporary lash glue.  They last from 2-7 days and are easy to remove. They are usually small fans of lashes that are attached to a bulb and are applied on top of the natural.  They are a perfect addition to a make up service.  This application is included in our Make Up Application Course.

Click here for information regarding our Make Up Course – Make Up Application

So if you want to become a Lash Technician, or want to add a lash service to your treatment menu, we have plenty of options for you.

Still not sure, just drop us a message on our CONTACT US form and we will be happy to advise you on the perfect course for you.