Why I love my Jade Roller!

I’m sure many of you can’t have missed this cool little beauty tool that seems to be popping up on social media these days.

I have actually had mine for quite a while and it’s such a lovely little device to use.

What is it?

The jade roller is an age-old tool that has been an integral part of Chinese beauty regimes since, at least, the 7th century.   There are actually jade rollers in the museums in China dating back centuries.

What are the benefits of using it?

The jade roller is a massaging tool and will increase lymphatic drainage and eliminate build up of toxins. This helps to reduce both redness and puffiness. The roller is made from a smooth piece of jade which is cool to the touch and allows you to roll over your face, with ease and relax tension from the muscles and tissues of your face caused by day to day stress.

Plus, if you believe in the power of crystals you will be aware that jade also has its own healing powers – as a stone it is believed to promote balance and peace.

How should it be used?

I gently roll it back and forth with more pressure placed on the upward motion and working around the facial contours. I try to move from the centre of my face to the outside of the face to help lymphatic drainage.  You can take your time and repeat as many times as you like and I always finish off with my neck and roll towards the lymph nodes at the base of my neck.

Cool Summer Vibes!

In this hot weather it is so relaxing, particularly if you pop it in the fridge before you use it as it works so well to de-puff the skin.  The smaller end is so good for under the eye area to help reduce eye bags.

I also love popping a nice facial treatment oil on before going to bed and use the roller to massage it in.  It definitely is a lovely bed time ritual.

Hayfever and stuffed up noses!

Any hayfever suffers out there?  This is so good to cool those burning itching eyes and the cold jade is lovely to reduce sinus congestion.

Roll your way to younger skin

It can be a lovely anti ageing device.  We often spend days squinting at lashes and nails, phones and computer screens and our faces really can carry a lot of tension.  By using the roller daily, you help to release the tension.  It can help boost circulation, improve the elasticity of your skin and also helps promote cell turnover for a brighter, healthier looking complexion.

Take time for self care

As beauty therapists we spend our days pampering others, whilst most of us are last on our list!  This little, inexpensive, beauty tool is an easy and quick way to relieve the tensions away from our working day!

If you want to try one, they are easy to find on Amazon and really reasonably priced.

I’d love to hear your experiences.