A new evolution in nail enhancements

In an ever increasing competitive market, we are constantly looking at ways to increase our revenue as beauty therapists.

Nail services are, and always have been, a very profitable service.  In recent years, gel polish has set our nail world alight and is, without a doubt, one of the most popular nail services we offer today.

The gel polish market has now introduced the ‘builder in a bottle’ gels which are the perfect natural nail overlay, alongside our gel polish treatments.

But nail extensions are still sought after.  Many of us have removed the service due to the ‘non standard salons’ taking over the market.  But, we all know, these clients are being left with ‘butchered’ nails, nail infections and sometimes, permanent nail damage.

Acrylic nails are an art.  In my opinion, nothing beats a gorgeous set of beautifully sculpted acrylic nails.

The downside, this can take a technician years to perfect, acrylic has an odour that many salons, home-based salons and mobile technicians dislike, and it can be a lengthy process to apply.

The answer?  Welcome to the new era of nail extension products in the form of Tip and Dip Nails.

This is not new, I hear you say, and yes, you are right.  I have used a tip and dip powder/resin system for many years.  I loved it.  But luckily for us, our nail manufacturers move on and over the last year I have been trialing and using the NSI Simplicite Polydip system and I am in love!!

I know a few of my students are already using and loving the system too.

NSI Polydip uses a combination of acrylic and gel products.  It uses light cured technology as is faster than a traditional dip system.  I have found that the nails are stronger, the natural nails are healthier and, with good application, requires minimal filing.

There is also a lovely range of coloured dipping powders and glitters which mean you can use the coloured powders instead of a gel polish, or use your artistic skills to produce lovely glitter fades or ombre finishes.

It also soaks off incredibly easily.

I have finally got the NEW Tip and Dip Course fully accredited with ABT.  NSI have custom built me a fabulous student kit which is discounted for my students.

Pop over to the page and take a look.    Tip and Dip Nail Extensions

The course is suitable for a complete beginner with no previous nail experience, or for a nail technician looking to update their skills.