Benefits of learning E-Filing

Electric Nail Files have had a bad rep over the last few years, mainly because they are used in Non Standard Salons where many clients have been on the receiving end of badly handled e-filing. 

However, in the right hands with a properly trained therapist, an E-file can be a great addition to a nail service.

An E-File can be used on Acrylic and Gel Nail Extensions and over Builder Gels.  It can reduce the speeding time spent on a maintenance or removal treatment.  It can be used to remove gel polish on nail extensions or builder gels, reduce the length of the extensions, remove bulk when carrying out and infill and also speed up the soaking off process when removing nail extensions.  This helps to reduce your service time, which increases your profit margin and also is great for the client who may prefer a quicker treatment time.

Experienced Nail Technicians can also use the E-file safely to help prepare the natural nail in the form of a Russian Manicure

There are health benefits for the therapist who uses a E-file too.  RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury) is something that many Nail Technicians struggle with, along with carpal tunnel and arthritis.

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Who can attend this course?  This course is suitable for therapists who are qualified in acrylic or gel nail extensions.  If you do not hold these qualifications, they are available here

Acrylic Nail Extension Training

Gel Nail Extension Training

Full Nail Technician Training

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