New Academy Launch

So I have some news for everyone!  This is a really exciting post for me!

After many years of running Taylored For You from my private training room at home, I have been struggling to cope with the demand for training and struggling even more with a work/life balance as most of my spare time is taken with answering messages, queries and making course bookings.

So as of Monday 3rd September 2018, Taylored For You will be opening its doors in our new premises in Talbot Green!

The new academy will give us a much larger scope for training courses and I am hoping to be able to offer both evening and weekend courses in the coming months.

I am very happy to say that I am no longer working alone.  Many of you already know Michelle Collins who has established herself as a Beauty Trainer over the last few years.  Michelle will be joining my team, on a full time basis, running courses with me on a day to day basis.  She will be bringing with her, her expertise and knowledge of the beauty industry to further expand the courses that we will be offering to our already extensive catalogue of training.

My side kick/partner in crime, my daughter Liv is also going to be working full time in our office and will be there to assist you all with your course bookings, etc.  We also have Dionne, who is currently training in Coleg y Cymodd in Production Make Up, who will be joining us a few days a week to help keep the academy running smoothly.

Alongside us, our team will also be extending to bring in other tutors who will be running additional training courses on a monthly basis.  We have an amazing massage and complimentary therapies tutor who is going to be running accredited massage workshops in Deep Tissue, Hands Free, Pregnancy, Bamboo massage etc.  Lisa, our expert nail trainer will be running advanced nail training courses in E-Filing, sculpting, nail art and I know, with the wonderful contacts I have, this list of tutors will be expanding more and more over the up and coming months.

For the future, we are planning to become a VTCT accredited training centre so that anyone wanting to train along that path, in a Fast Track capacity, will be able to do so but rest assured our quality accredited short courses will also be at the forefront of our focus.

The academy will allow us to now train in smaller groups.  For the last 9 years, I have mainly done 1-2-1 training.  At that time, I always felt that it was the best and easiest way for people to learn.  Recently I have started taking more than one in a class and I realised that there were more benefits to this than being singular.

Less pressurised environment.

Other students may ask questions that you would not have thought of, or may be too shy to ask.

You get to meet people who have the same interests as you.

The difficulty of providing models is virtually eliminated

You get to receive the treatment yourself, which is a fundamental part of understanding your new treatment.

Group sizes will always be small (average of 2-6 course dependent) so each student receives one to one time.

Aftercare and advice is always available following your training session and on going as long as you require it.

Please be reassured you will learn the treatment equally as fast this way.

My ongoing support and mentoring will continue as it always has but you know have the addition of a great team behind me.

Claire xx

Why I love my Jade Roller!

I’m sure many of you can’t have missed this cool little beauty tool that seems to be popping up on social media these days.

I have actually had mine for quite a while and it’s such a lovely little device to use.

What is it?

The jade roller is an age-old tool that has been an integral part of Chinese beauty regimes since, at least, the 7th century.   There are actually jade rollers in the museums in China dating back centuries.

What are the benefits of using it?

The jade roller is a massaging tool and will increase lymphatic drainage and eliminate build up of toxins. This helps to reduce both redness and puffiness. The roller is made from a smooth piece of jade which is cool to the touch and allows you to roll over your face, with ease and relax tension from the muscles and tissues of your face caused by day to day stress.

Plus, if you believe in the power of crystals you will be aware that jade also has its own healing powers – as a stone it is believed to promote balance and peace.

How should it be used?

I gently roll it back and forth with more pressure placed on the upward motion and working around the facial contours. I try to move from the centre of my face to the outside of the face to help lymphatic drainage.  You can take your time and repeat as many times as you like and I always finish off with my neck and roll towards the lymph nodes at the base of my neck.

Cool Summer Vibes!

In this hot weather it is so relaxing, particularly if you pop it in the fridge before you use it as it works so well to de-puff the skin.  The smaller end is so good for under the eye area to help reduce eye bags.

I also love popping a nice facial treatment oil on before going to bed and use the roller to massage it in.  It definitely is a lovely bed time ritual.

Hayfever and stuffed up noses!

Any hayfever suffers out there?  This is so good to cool those burning itching eyes and the cold jade is lovely to reduce sinus congestion.

Roll your way to younger skin

It can be a lovely anti ageing device.  We often spend days squinting at lashes and nails, phones and computer screens and our faces really can carry a lot of tension.  By using the roller daily, you help to release the tension.  It can help boost circulation, improve the elasticity of your skin and also helps promote cell turnover for a brighter, healthier looking complexion.

Take time for self care

As beauty therapists we spend our days pampering others, whilst most of us are last on our list!  This little, inexpensive, beauty tool is an easy and quick way to relieve the tensions away from our working day!

If you want to try one, they are easy to find on Amazon and really reasonably priced.

I’d love to hear your experiences.

How to achieve a Work/Life Balance


I’m honestly, writing this blog post as a lesson for myself.  It is something that I am constantly striving to achieve (somewhat unsuccessfully).

When you love what you do, it can really take over your life but everyone needs a break.  Over recent years there has been a huge shift in attitudes to work.  There seems to be no cut off time and no structured work hours. This may work for some but I feel the line is easily blurred between work life and home life.

My life has been super crazy over the last few months.  I have new trainers who are working with me now and many more coming on board soon plus I have recently been delving into the world of product development (that is a whole other blog post – but coming shortly) and sometimes I feel it is impossible to switch off!

So I decided to sit down and write myself a list of ‘rules’ that will, not only help me achieve what I want, but hopefully will give you some ideas to achieve the same.


  1. Have a cut off time! 

Oh this one is the hardest for me!  There are so many platforms for clients to contact us on these days.  Website, Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp.  I am a massive advocate of using social medial to assist your business, but I have also realised (perhaps a little late) how important it is to set boundaries!  No one should expect a reply at 10 pm at night!  If you let your clients think it is OK to call or text you, then they will.  If you set firm boundaries around when you are available, it will help you relax when you are ‘off the clock’ and avoid feel burned out.

So what if you have an open door policy and you want to make the shift?  You should notify your clients in a professional manner with your schedule changes and enforcing that this will improve your ability to meet their needs more effectively.  I guarantee if I have ever forgotten to order a kit, or book a course – its because I have answered a message out of my working hours, when I’ve been out, or not had my diary next to me, and its slipped my mind.  This is not professional and causes us more stress.  In the long term you will be more organised and less mistakes will happen.


  1. Turn off technology

Take control of your smart phone, not your phone controlling you!  When you want to spend time with your loved ones, turn the phone off.  They are such a distraction and so easy to waste valuable time on!


  1. Time Management

Work smarter not harder!  Try to create a schedule and stick to it.  I love my ‘to do’ lists!  They really help keep me on track when I have lots of tasks to organise.  Seeing the list written down and then crossed off makes me more relaxed and less stressed.  If you have a big list, order it in priorities.


  1. Try not to get distracted by Social Media (another failing I have).

Set a timer and try and get as much done in a 30 minute window – I always find that helps me get down to it, rather than fluffing about with other stuff.  We all know how easy it is to waste 20 minutes scrolling through mindless posts on Facebook!!


  1. Schedule important personal activities

You need time for yourself too.  It could be coffee with a friend, date night, play dates with your kids, a Pilates or Yoga class.  Sometimes just that first cup of coffee in the morning before you start work just to give yourself a mind reset and prepared yourself for the day ahead.


  1. Make sure you eat lunch

A huge one in our industry!  How many of us skip lunch and work all day living on coffee and sugary snacks!  Meal planning and making yourself a healthy lunch the night before can be helpful.  A vegetable soup that can easily be re-heated, a nice fresh salad with some fruit! Something that can store well in a container and is easy to bring to work.

You owe it to yourself and it is vital for your energy and wellbeing.


  1. Take a holiday

It is so hard when you are self employed, especially when you are starting out your business, but if you are working flat out building your business, you can burn out very quickly.  It doesn’t have to be a 2 week vacation (ideal of course), but a long weekend can be a great way to re-charge your batteries.  Sometimes just a day off can leave you feeling re-freshed and re-focused.


  1. Learn to say no!

You cannot please everyone.  You cannot be available to everyone all the time.  Clients can place huge demands on us, along with friends, family and staff.  Putting yourself first every now and again is not selfish!


  1. Don’t try to be perfect

Being a working mum can be hugely stressful.  You can totally feel like you are being pulled in so many directions.  Learn to delegate!  Get your partner, kids on board to help you with the household chores and don’t beat yourself up if things are not ‘perfect’!  Give yourself a break!


  1. Make the changes!

Try to implement some of the ideas above.  Or make your own rules!  Put yourself first once in a while and treat yourself as you would hope a boss would treat you.  Not only will be you a happier and less stressed person, but you will enjoy your job more!  Being self employed is so rewarding, we sometimes just need to be a better boss to ourselves!!


I’d love to hear your thoughts and if you have any great ideas on how to achieve the work/life balance I would love to hear them!!

Claire x